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April 22, 2012


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I really needed this post! After a long. hard battle to feel better I started Burdenko training and yoga in December in an effort to regain some strength and confidence in my body. Mentally I feel so ready to do things, but physically not so much. I know I have to be patient and dedicated and that eventually I will get there. This post really inspired me to keep going and think positively. Congrats on the headstand and thank you!


Go you! I am so grateful for your strength & the patience to know when it was time for this major steo. OM!


Er...that would be major step!


Thanks! You know, the funniest part is that, in a way, it didn't feel like a major step. I think I could have been practicing headstand for a long time now, I've just been telling myself that I shouldn't.

Jeff Shattuck

Reading this made me feel good -- and hopeful -- for so many reasons. Very happy for you.


This is Great...I stopped practicing Yoga more than 3 years already...I really miss it , by reading these article give me the push to maybe try it again...I am afraid of the pain it might cause to my wrists...but I think I'll do it. .....again!


Thank you so much for this post and your blog. It has been so supportive and encouraging to me as I've recently been diagnosed with RA. And as a fellow Yogi, congrats! Headstand is one I still haven't mastered. You inspired me to start my own blog by the way, myRADlife.wordpress.com if you want to check it out. And again, thank you for your blog.


Sara, this is an awesome post. I love hearing success stories as it always motivates me to keep reaching new limits. Thanks for being that person today.

Joy B

Hi Sara! That is awesome. I know how good that had to feel.


Reading you talk about doing the headstand again - after almost 5 years of not trying it - reminded me of the time I got back into jogging after a hefty ‘timeout’ due to injury. The hardest part is often just putting on the footwear and stepping out the door…


Well done! When it has been a struggle to do certain things due to illness, managing to do what appeared to impossible is exhilarating. This reminds me of the times when I successfully do three flights of stairs, very breathless but happy that I made it once more!

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