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March 05, 2011


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First Health steals parts of of bodies, now we have to worry about people stealing parts of our minds!
The behavior is unconscionable and inexcusable.
Sara, it is great you took the time to bring this to the health community's attention.
Regardless if material is in print or electronic form, basic ethics should still prevail, as every reporter should know and acknowledge.

Brad Fallon

You should try to consult a lawyer and demand for an explanation from Health.com, that way you can take back what is yours.


catching up, so relate to this, but OMG! I read that article on health.com, really liked it and was about just Jared with everyone I knew when purely by coincidence I caught a tweet referring to it being plagiarized. Unbelievable, unethical and I no longer visit health.com.

Sorry you got roped into participating in it. You did it in good faith and they abused that could faith.

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