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January 23, 2011


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hooray!! i am SO glad you're going to join us. thanks for spreading the word!!


A great way to support funding for research! I came across another way recently - a research study called AIR (Arthritis Internet Registry) http://www.arthritis-research.org/join-research/joining-ndb-research-rheumatoid-arthritis

This past summer the NDB (NDB is a research data bank for the study of arthritis and rheumatic conditions)and the Arthritis Foundation teamed up to create the new research study called AIR (Arthritis Internet Registry).

From the website: Patients in AIR fill out questionnaires every 6 months along with everyone in the NDB, but in addition they’re being asked to donate their blood. While we continue to see how all forms of arthritis are affected by different treatments, we’re hoping to find out if there are clues in the blood that would tell physicians which drugs would work best the first time. We’ve just started this project along with researchers at Harvard Medical School and Quest Diagnostics. As we get more participants and questionnaires, expect to hear more about ways “biomarkers” in our blood can help.

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