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July 28, 2010


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I'm jealous! :-) At least about the romantic Southern trips. You didn't mention what the sharing needles was.


Hi Chelsea, the 'sharing needles' was in reference to the article on RACentral.com about shooting up in front of my boyfriend for the first time (That's what the article is called). You can find the link up above- hope you enjoy!


"Maybe it's just because I have rheumatoid arthritis, and that is what rheumatoid arthritis does."

Amen. I am finally starting to accept this about my husband's brain injury...sometimes he has 6 migraines a month because he has a brain injury, not because he's tired/ drank too much wine/ too stressed etc.


Liz Prather

Glad to hear how well things are going. And even if you gained a few pounds, you are doing yoga again, so that is good.
I recently got back from Texas and thought I was going to die! on the small plane coming back. No leg room for my long legs and the minor back pain I had turned into major pain and incapacitation. But ice packs and heat put it back in its place. Was it RA, I don't know. After two years, I still have problems identifying what the pain is from. when I think it is RA, the Dr. thinks it is the fibro. And of course, some pain is just pain. Oh well, I am much less emotional about the pain now that it has subsided. LOL
Have fun at the beach!



Cat- Yeah, this one is still a lesson I'm learning- Not to always search for some other reason to blame and realize that this is just what it does.

Liz- ick. that flight sounds miserable. I think you make a good point that some pain is just pain. easy to forget that. I'm glad that it's subsided, though, whatever the culprit. Great to hear from you!


Your trips sound fabulous! I'm so glad that things seem so well under control. And I'm also mad at you for posting that picture of the cake. :) I'm actually considering yoga- what type do you do? I've been looking at both restorative and hot.


Hey Amanda,
I do vinyasa yoga, but I typically take a lower level class and make a lot of modifications. I would definitely recommend restorative yoga for sure. I have never done hot yoga. I know some people love it- I'm not so sure that I would. Whatever you do, I'd recommend telling the teacher ahead of time that you have RA so they can offer modifications as needed. If nothing else, sitting there and breathing helps ease the stress and tension.
As for the cake, well....

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