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May 17, 2010


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Sara! I'm so happy for you! Yours was the first blog I found when I was looking in the blogosphere for someone going through what I was! Next, was RA guy. Both blogs helped me in ways I cannot express. I knew nobody with RA. Still, I know nobody personally with RA but have met many friends with RA online. Congratulations on your new journey and I want to thank you for getting the word out there about RA and putting a face to it so people can associate it with someone young as so many are diagnosed at a young age. Kudos to you!


how exciting!!


GO SARA!! Thank you for your wonderful informative blog, your friendship and your talented ability to share the experiences of RA with the world. Congratulations to you! You are beyond amazing. I invision great things for you and RA awareness in the future. Much love and gentle hugs dear friend.


Super! Looking forward to all the other episodes!


Can I get your autograph? :) Good job Sara- that's awesome!!!


That's awesome! Congrats on this exciting new chapter!

Bonnie Lou

Hi Sara -- I think you and your work for RA awareness are wonderful -- but I was very disheartened to see that the only way to view these episodes is to register and allow the site to email me information about Remicade. There is no 'opt out' option, and I don't need more junk email. Thought you should know.


Sara, this is awesome! You did a great job representing all of us.


Hey Bonnie Lou-
It's true, you do have to give your email to register, which will get you on the email list BUT after you get the first email, there is a link to unsubscribe, AND you can also hit the unsubscribe button on the bottom left of the webpage, OR use the contact number link and call and get the episodes without having to get any emails...a few extra steps, but you can watch the episodes without having to get unwanted emails. Hope this doesn't discourage you from watching.

To everyone else- thanks so much! It's been an adventure, and hopefully just at the beginning. I can't say enough times how great everyone was, and I'm excited for all the episodes to roll out. Thanks for the support, and let's keep spreading awareness and talking/blogging about RA!

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