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January 06, 2010


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Too funny!


M-I know!  What a coup that Colin was there, though. If only.


Was he in his "Mamma Mia" spandex????


You know, I'd actually be ok with a painful finger in exchange for Colin Firth!


its true, amanda. not a bad deal.


oh goodness! what an amazing, and at the same time, horribly unsettling dream!


hmm.. perhaps the start of a plot for some twisted comedy/horror sequel of Bridget Jones? "Bridget Jones and her RA Romances."
I empathise with you about the bad dreams though. I'm just waiting to start treatment and have been having way horrible dreams that wake me up terrified. Not fun but I guess as much as we try to subdue the fears during the day, the brain is free to freak out at night. :(
I love your blog btw, it's a big help in this 'waiting game' stage for me.


Hi Sara, I completely understand! I've had dreams where I am faced with endless stairs and I start panicking and doubting if I would ever be able go down the stairs without my RA crippling me. Definitely not fun!

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