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December 22, 2009


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The cookies look yummy! Have a good Christmas.

Amy Jo


Love the cookies. They look like the same ones we've always made.


Merry Christmas. The cookies look yummy.


I so relate to the article - I do the same thing, and it always means leaving out much more than just the fact that I have these illnesses. So much of my life (including lots of good things) is related to my RA and my HCM.

On my last date, I spilled the beans about my HCM, but only because the guy was a med student thinking about cardiology. It went very well, and I'm hoping that will give me confidence on future dates. I just HATE telling people, and I always do it awkwardly!

You're right, though; by holding back about my health, I'm holding back on a lot of things that make me really interesting.


I completely agree with both- amazing cookies! and totally relate to not really feeling like yourself by not "revealing" RA. It makes me feel like such a liar! Here's to 2010 being more fun and prosperous in ALL ways.

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Love the cookies, Look like the same ones we've always made.

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