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November 20, 2009


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Jeff Shattuck

Wow, this is so cool!


this is so great sara!! congrats!


Awesome! I read them all - such a wonderful way of creating awareness and showing the diversity of RA.


Thanks, Jeff!


Thanks, Jodi!


Hi Helen,

I was sooo thrilled when I found out they were going to feature RA.  So badly needed, and hopefully it will do a world of good. I agree that they did a good job featuring a diverse and representative mix of people with RA.


this is so exciting, i'm sending the link to all my family and friends. I'm so happy the ny times is shedding some light on this illness! it's about time. Congratulations on the article! -robin


sara, i've been meaning to tell you that i have a support group in northern va for autoimmune diseases in case you want to put it on your page under your list for support groups. I think there are many others around the country/world... i'll let you know if i run across any others. my website for the group is www.meetup.com/gfarthritis


Hey Robin,

Thanks for the heads up on the support group- I will definitely get it up on my guide page.  Im really glad that the NY times featured RA- and did it so well, too. Im glad I could be a part of it, and hopefully, many many people will listen to the piece and spread it around to their friends.



Hi Sara,

I really enjoyed this piece on RA by the NYT -- they're doing a great job highlighting some pretty rotten diseases. I was diagnosed with RA age 24 (I'm 25 now) so I totally related to what you had to say. It's really tough sometimes, but we have to get on with things I suppose! Hope you've had some luck finding an understanding partner -- I haven't, but I put that down mostly to dating jerks as opposed to the RA (although that can be quite a jerk too!) haha, take care. I'll remember to drop by and read your blog sometimes in the future.



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