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November 08, 2009


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that is so wonderful. it's great when people "get it", isn't it? i know whenever my husband's massage therapists friends ask me how i'm doing, that they really mean it. and they really get it. (as much as they can at least.)


Yay---one more of Baltimore's assets!


Great find! It's so nice when people "get it."


That's wonderful - it's so nice (and surprising) to have a comfortable, informed conversation about RA with someone. She sounds like quite a find.


Score! It is so nice to have a relaxed conversation like that! Let me know how the acupuncture goes- I'm wanting to try that too.


Amanda- no kidding! Will definitely post about the acupuncture. Need to call and make that appointment!

Helen- here, here.

WarmSocks- absolutely!

M- yay!


Hi. I'm new to your blog. My name is Starr. I'm from Maui and am waiting to see the rheumatologist on the 24th. Right now they're calling it Fibro until I see the specialist...
Anywho, I am on day three of a five day steroid rx. 100mgs, then 80, then 60... and so on.
Have you ever done this? It has helped the stiffness, but the doses seem so HIGH. Hoping you or your readers can offer some feedback. I'm kinda scared.
Thanks so much.


Hi Starr,

Ugh- the waiting can be one of the hardest things to go through. I myself haven't ever been on steroids, but I know many, many people have been, particularly prednisone. I'll post something on my blog's facebook page to see if anyone has been on doses similar to that.

Hang in there-


Hey hun!

I was also put on steriods byt the Rheumy NOT a reg. doctor aas a waiting period. The HIGHEST dose I have ever been on was 40mg and THAT was to bring down a reaction. I am also a nurse, and those doses seem EXTREMLY high esp if it was done by someone who doesn't know much about it. Prednisone can be cery dangerous to your body. I was not put on the steriod therapy as they called it until I saw the specialist . He put me on 10mg a day every day, in the am. Along w/ methotrexate. I did that for about 5 months and didn't work. @ first I had a little help w/ swelling etc. but I was also takin 2400mg of motrin a day! GL hun and I hope it gets fixed soon!

Kelly Young

Hey Sara!
When you said, "If only every conversation went along these lines when you told someone you had RA."... I thought you were going to say, then we would not need RA blogs. Haha. But, alas, every conversation does NOT go that way and we have some educatin' to do still.

So glad to hear you are getting along well in Baltimore. I love that area. :D


How encouraging! Sometimes the easy conversations come from the most unlikely of sources, too.


Just learned of your blog through the New York Times, and wanted to cheer on your yoga practice! Mine, in combination with a finely-tuned drug regimen, helped me overcome so many of RA's challenges, it's hard for me to separate the benefits of one without mentioning the other. I tried all kinds of yoga but really found the therapeutic principles of Anusara Yoga to work the best. Keep at it!


Kelly- haha, well, that would be true, i guess!  Till then, I guess we have to keep blogging...


Rachel - I know.  A good reminder to maybe not always be so cynical.


Hey MLT-

I know, the yoga has been so important to me.  I was so lucky that I had done certifications in yoga therapy and restorative yoga the year before RA struck-  it really helped me know how to modify my practice.  Its great being able to take classes again. Like you, my drug regimen is also part of it, but I hate to think where Id be without the yoga.

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