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October 04, 2009


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sara! these are all so fantastic. and i think you look great! although, i have to say, you do look so much thinner now. =) great job!!



I just watched all four parts of your story. I'm so proud that you are a voice for RA, you're an articulate, beautiful, vibrant, smart, brave young woman. Please keep talking . . . you're speaking for lots of us.


An RA Sister

Mumbi Kihumba

Hello. I haven't watched it but it sounds pretty cool. And if it can contribute towards greater understanding of what its like to be young and single and dealing with autoimmune diseases, then it makes our journey a little easier. Congratulations.


I thought they were great! I love seeing the images of a busy, successful, stylish young lady leading a full life with RA, especially the scenes of you going out with girlfriends (a very important part of my own life with RA) - and especially when juxtaposed with the Rituxan ads, which represent an angle of RA that generally gets more coverage, ie. the slightly more mature crowd. Thanks again for all you do,
p.s. thanks, too, for the tip on Muscles & RA blog way back when - it's been a nice inspiration.



You are hilarious. I thought you looked and sounded great in the videos. I appreciate what you have done for those of us with RA. I have learned a tremendous amount from you over this past year about life with RA. You are so right, we can't choose having RA, but we can choose how to live our life with it. And I think having someone from your generation giving a face to RA is helpful to those of us that are older, but don't want to face a life of pain and inactivity either.
So thanks again for sharing you experiences!!!!


Jackie Obert

It was so exciting for me to be able to watch these videos and see another young person's perspective. I am 22 and have had RA for 3 years. Many of the things someone with RA faces seem very much hidden or unseen,and I think I almost tried to make my self believe that the pain and fatigue weren't there. After seeing my RA taking a turn for the worst again, I realized that I needed to take better care of myself. I'm happy to see that there are other women like you in their 20's finding ways to live life well with arthritis. Thanks so much

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