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October 25, 2009


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Charm City is really quite charming!


So glad Baltimore is treating you well and that you're doing so well!



Glad you're enjoying. There's a really good sushi place we've been to there called "RA Sushi" No lie.


Sounds like so much fun! And it's not far at all from DC, you'll have to take me to get some of that pumpkin bread pudding... oh yeah...


Your apartment sounds lovely! Definitely worth the lack of an elevator, I think.

Ugh - dating. It feels like work sometimes.


I grew up near Baltimore and now live in NYC; I'm also an RA sufferer. I hope you love Balmer (as we locals say) and don't let RA keep you from trying hard-shell crabs. No place does crabs or crab cakes like Maryland. Wend your way to G&M in Linthicum for the best crab cakes!

(And when I was in school, we used to snicker immaturely at the view of the monument that you have posted.)


Hi Mary- yay!  I love hearing from Balmer people- past or present.  Very sadly, the RA wont keep me from hard-shell crabs, but my allergy to crabs will.  It sucks- they were my favorite food until I broke out all in hives at my junior ring dance in college- and my date was actually a Johns Hopkins student! A story for a different post...

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