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July 04, 2009


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I have great feelings about this move & feel that your destiny awaits you in Baltimore!


I admire you knowing that this is the right time for change. (I love change myself) Yes, there will be challenges, but just think of the new, exciting adventures that await you. I'll be watching for updates. Have you connected with any RA friends there yet?

MissDazey42 (twitter)


That's so exciting. I bet you're going to have so much fun there.

Just remember not to stress about the move. Stress is bad. :)

RA Guy

It sounds like this move is going to be a good one for you...and did you say bathtub? Yes! I'll be looking forward to hearing what life, love, and work bring your way in Baltimore.


Best of luck!


M-thanks...I think/hope so, too!
MizzDazey42- Not yet..but I'm hoping to find some Ra Ra's down there. Thanks for the words of support!
S.- totally. I'm trying not to, but it's hard! I think I'll be less stressed about it once I find an apt. In the meantime, trying to do a lot of yoga.
RA Guy- yeah, I love my apt. in nyc, but it doesn't have a bathtub. I've decided that's non-negotiable in B'more.
ValleyWriter- thanks!! I'll take all the luck I can get :)


Congrats on this big step Sara! I agree with all the other posts - change is good. I'm sure you'll love Baltimore... you'll get all settled in and find some nice Ra Ra's to help make the transition a little easier. Good luck :) PS - is that top picture the view from your apt in NYC?! Beautiful if it is!


Claire-Thanks! It definitely helps having so many people chime in with encouragement. I *wish* that was the view from my apt. It's a photo I took from the High Line- an elevated park in Chelsea/Meat Packing District that just opened recently.


Congrats Sara! You are going to love Baltimore- not that I've lived there but I love visiting friends there. Speaking as someone who has just done the same thing, the whole thing is incredibly overwhelming and stressful. But once you start unpacking, it starts to get more fun! Also, I got slightly creative with getting meds to get me through my insurance waiting period- let me know if you need any of those. And again, congrats!!!!!!


Wow. I look forward to hearing how you tackle the move and the new city. We moved right before Christmas this past year. It wasn't a new town, but I had to admit how much help I needed to accomplish it. Before RA I would just get things done. Things still get done, just differently. Anyway, I still did too much but we were in our house 6 days before Christmas.
Best of luck to you.


Best of luck!!


Sara, you've already got one Sick Chick down here! My name's Kristen. I went to college up in Baltimore and live in Southern Maryland. Feel free to get in contact if you need anything.


Tiffany Westrich

Sara I just had to say your "letter" is so well written and understood. We all leave things behind we love at one point or another, but I think your life is sending you in a wonderful direction!
ps...and THANK GOODNESS you will have a bathtub! I have a bathtub, so whenever I move on to the next place my checklist is bathtub, DISH WASHER!


Amanda- i would love any med tips you might be able to pass on...though i think i won't have a gap in coverage-cobra for 1 month, then the new starts (fingers crossed). thanks for the positive words!
I might be turning to you a lot over the next few months...

Liz-I remember you mentioning that. Good advice to heed. It won't be like the last time I moved, plain and simple.


Kristen- so happy to find you!!!!! will email you soon....and yes, a baltimore sick chick club is on its way!

Tiffany-thanks as always for the support. yeah..bathtub is now non-negotiable!


we'll definitely miss you in nyc (especially since we just met!). but wishing you all the best in baltimore. here's to a lower-stress, bathtub-filled adventure!

Leigh Peltier

Sara, I've been following you for a little while and coincidentally just returned from vacation in Charm City - this was my second trip there in 2 years, that's how much I love it. I thought last week that I could actually live there - it's proximity to VA and DC is exciting, the city is great to get around in, and while not NY, I think you'll make a new life for yourself that you'll like very much. It's not where you are, but who you are. Keep being yourself and don't let the RA take charge.

Going on 11 years with RA and just took up golf, still ski every weekend in season and stay active no matter what.



I live in Baltimore! And I'd totally be up for starting a Sick Chick Club branch here. Good luck on your move! Baltimore is secretly a wonderful place, and you can eat delicious crab cakes here, and you can watch The Wire and point out all the Baltimore locations you've seen!


Jodie-I know! the timing is not the best, but then again, I've never had good timing, so there you go. See you at the picnic tomorrow!

Leigh-thanks for leaving a comment and all the positive words! I love that just took up golf and ski all the time-that's awesome. It'll be a big change for me, but I think a really good one (once I find an apartment, that is!)

Shashi- awesome! Two other sick chickers in Baltimore also emailed me, so I think we have the makings of fantastic sick chick happy hour!

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