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April 07, 2009


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Great soapboxing. Ditto! If following all that advice really cured RA sufferers, then why hasn't the cure made headline news? It isn't as if RA is like Type II Diabetes, because if it were, then why is the disease so rare? I have two cousins who also have it, and one therapist told me that genetics was just an excuse for a lousy diet because bad habits run in families. Oh yeah, then why do scientists believe they have found not one, but two genes associated with RA? Why do people assume our diets are lousy? Why do they assume we aren't already doing everything we can to alleviate our symptoms? I mean, my lifestyle did not and still does not warrant RA. My symptoms didn't begin during the most stressful times in my life. I don't smoke, drink a lot, party hard, work late. I lead a fulfilling family, career, and deeply spiritual life. Although there are many things one can do to keep symptoms at bay and to manage the disease, the compexities of the disease in and of itself should be answer enough that lifestyle is not the cause.


My aunt who is NEVER well but takes every supplement on God's green earth is always trying to get me to try her newest crap. Or she calls when her wrist hurts and says, "How did your RA start again?" AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Kathryn- I'm going to make room for you on my soap box!

BDS: Ick. i think that's all I can say. Ick.


Preach on! My favorite was during the holidays when someone asked me what medications I was on, I rattled off the list, and then in front of everyone, she shook her head, rolled her eyes and said "Poisons." It wouldn't have bothered me as much if I thought she had any clue about what the medications were.


Amanda-seriously? (why do i keep asking that?). That's awful. If only she were faced with the same decision....i'm pretty sure she'd be opting for the poisons as well.


I think the only real comfort I get in reading this post and the comments with it is knowing I'm not alone in suffering this needless crap!

My mom is like BDS's aunt. She's constantly trying to suggest things. I keep having to remind her I've made it my full time job to invest myself in getting well. She acts like I've given up and it's anything but that.

It does help that others are frustrated by this too. At least we know the truth about what doesn't help us.


CF-I know, doesn't it occur to other people that we are constantly doing what we can to get better and take care of ourselves?

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