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February 28, 2009


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Gosh, I feel so lucky to have already found myself a good guy. :) Sometimes though, even for a husband you have had for years, you want him to come home and not have to see you in pain or see any of the things associated with this. You just want it to be gone.


Now I'm the other way around. I would rather get it out on the first date and not have to have a second if the other person can't handle it.

It worked for me and we'll be married for 14 years this year.

Of course, if we could just wish RA away, I vote for that! Good luck with the dating!


You crack me up. This is a really great post. So true. Most women only have to worry about hiding "feminine" products.

Hope you find a great guy soon. One who loves you for who you are...RA and all.



Thanks everyone! we'll see how it goes.



Totally understand. Although I have been in a relationship for over 9 months now, I had previously been a star on "Sex and the Sickies" (bad pun, i know). Dating with RA is not a fun process.

It's a tough subject matter to bring up. I remember on my third date with my now boyfriend, he bought me a bottle of water while we were out one day and I just hoped I'd be able to open it on my own (which had been one of those tasks I frequently had to ask my roommate to do for me), and other various little things like that.

The important thing is that when I did tell him, after several weeks of dating, he was very open to learning about it and expressed nothing but concern for my well-being. It was nice that he didn't ask the usual, "isn't that for old people" question and instead listened as I explained what it was, what it does to my body and how it will affect the rest of my life.

The real trouble arises when you DO find someone worth spending you time with and you want to start getting intimate. RA can be a real "pain" and having an understanding man is a necessity!

Wishing you the best of luck. I promise I will email you soon - sorry i've been so bad.



Hey Katherine
yeah, it's those little things like having to open something that will totally give it away! I've been spared having to figure out how to bring it up so far.
It's nice to hear a success story, so to speak! No worries on the email :)

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