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February 16, 2009


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I believe most of the large pharmacy chains offer something. At Walgreens, it's automated... they simply fill it when it's time and call you to say it's ready. So people on the West Coast (where there are no CVS's) do not despair!


Thanks, Catherine! Even better! How come it took me so long to catch on?


Rite-Aid does this for us in VB, so maybe they're all doing it now. 'Bout time! It's the little things, isn't it--they mean so much!


When I was using meds, I did the three month fill through mail. This way I saved a month's worth of copays and I could refill online. I have never heard of them calling you. That is awesome!!! It's funny how these little things because the excitement of your day.


Cathy, I know, right? it's a little pathetic...but it made me so happy! I need to switch to the mail system for some of them (note to self), but I don't think I can for enbrel because I don't live in a doorman building, so it wouldn't stay cold. arg.


Actually, my Humira is mailed to me through Caremark and they pack it on dry ice. It's glorious- they call and ask what day I want it delivered on and it magically appears.


OK, clearly I have had my head stuck in the mud....I need to explore this as I would love to save some mulah! (and time). I need some magic pronto!


Hi Sara,
I am taking a poll over on my blog about RA and blood type. If you or any other RA readers out there wouldn't mind stopping by and leaving your vote, I would appreciate it. http://www.thelifeandadventuresofcatepoo.blogspot.com/


Wow! I think this is definitely a US thing - can't see it happening in the UK! ;o) Mind you, I do only have to do the whole annoying prescription thing once a month - well twice I suppose, once to drop the 'scrip' off at the docs, and a few days letter to pick it up at the chemist. I do have a friend whose chemist delivered it to his door once ... but only once!!! ;o)


Cathy-thanks for letting me know...I'm embarrased to admit, but i still don't now my blood type! i'll try to find out and then head over to your blog to vote.

Penguin-maybe so. Oh, how I would love a personal chemist/pharmacist visit. Like in the old days, when milk was delivered to your day. that would be nice, too, come to think of it!

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