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February 21, 2009


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I am glad you are going. Have a great time! ~Cathy


Good for you. I just got back from the Bahamas and it kicked my butt. I'm so glad I did it and I'm also glad that I'm learning to slow down a little on vacation.

Have a blast.


No it hasn't, but it's certainly one of the first things that pops into my head now when I consider the pros and cons of my vacation. Have a blast in Austria lucky girl!

ps. Thanks for posting a link to my blog The Invisible Life. You were the inspiration behind it. I figured we needed another humorous look at living with RA since most bloggers are very boo-hoo about it. :)


Cathy- Thanks! My RA was fine on the trip, as it turns out, though I did get food poisoning one night-ick!

Melissa-ooo, the Bahamas. that would DEFINITELY be worth it. Slowing down is good-I need to start doing it some!

S.-I know, it's part of the RA calculation we all have to do. And, I'm so glad you started your blog! You are right, we totally need more voices out there, especially ones that can add some laughter to the picture.


haha i love the comic strip. it was really cute.
I'm going to London this summer but am a little worried about the combination of arthritis and rainy London...you're right though, you can't let the fear hold you back!
I hope Austria was amazing!


Thanks, Robin. Austria was pretty great-even in the snow! I LOVE london-my favorite city ever. I used to live there (pre-RA). Hopefully in the summer, there won't be too much rain, so you can enjoy all the beautiful parks and gardens and have your joints behave!


Hi, cute comic strip! I have been diagnosed with RA, but am not being treated yet. I can't get in to the rheumatologist until mid-March. I am miserable! Do you know of anything that will help with the joint pain, and lack of good sleep?


Urg, aside from the good drugs, which you can't get till see your rheumatologist, it can be difficult to find any kind of immediate relief for the pain and the sleepless nights that are a result of the pain. One thing that helped me was doing restorative yoga right before I'd try to go to sleep. You could also try acupuncture in the meantime-I haven't yet (though I plan to!), but I know many people, including others with RA, have reported that it helps greatly with pain management. Or massages! Good luck-I had to wait three weeks before I could get an appointment with my rheumatologist, so I guess I, literally, feel your pain. take care as best you can!


Oh my god, you must have more rheumatologists. My appointment was made the first week in January for - get this- March 17th. Sucks!


oh my god, that's lousy!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable! I thought 3 weeks was irresponsible! isn't this such a crap shoot?

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