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October 05, 2008


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HBTY, & enjoy every minute of this special week!


Trust me! You will LOVE your 30s. My 20s were all about figuring out who I was and dealing with the diagnosis of RA. My 30s have been about knowing who I am and growing into it. I am so glad you are welcoming your 30s. Have a FABULOUS 30th b-day week!


Hi, I will be 29 on October 8th!! So happy birthday to us both! lol, we might go to dinner or something, nothing special....visit my new blog please!!


Thanks, Millicent!

Courtney-LOVE the additional words of encouragement about the 30's rocking. Bring it on!

Nick-thanks! How funny we are a day (and a year apart)-Happy Birthday! I'll definitely check out your blog, too, so thanks for letting me know about it.


Jeff Shattuck

Happy Birthday! I feel your 30s will be good to you. And if they're not, you can tell 'em to suck it when you turn 40!


Thanks, Jeff, and you bet I will!! (but hope I don't have to.)

Bob (I hate joint pain) Alter

About the only reason I would want to be 30 again is my health or lack of pain in my joints. You have the right attitude for life and I know you had a awesome birthday and you'll truly enjoy your 30's. The 40's have been a lot of fun so far, keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Belated Birthday and Keep your RA in check


Hey Bob,
thanks for the birthday wishes!!!!

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