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October 04, 2008


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hi, im not single yet but i still relate, please check out my new blog..........i though about montel williams while reading this post

Mrs. Mordecai

Hi, I'm 26, not single, but with a two-year-old to chase. I had rheumatoid arthritis at the age of three and didn't have to deal with it for over 20 years until it recently came back again.

Things have gotten much better. When I was three, the best medication I had access to was aspirin . . . 18 baby aspirin a day. It's so amazing that now there are much better painkillers available, and drugs that help with immune system problems, and not just pain.

I agree that it seems that a lot of people are sick, and that it really stinks. I hope research continues. But it has come a long way.


Ok so I too am single, I'm 27 and was the most active person you may have ever met. I have now changed my career, moved AWAY from the ocean and am in fact lying in bed right now in too much pain to tackle my damn to do list that is lurking beside me. I just came across your website and I feel as if you may have been peeking into my own personal journal when writing your blogs. It's comforting yet sad that there are other people that have to fear the same things...I.e. Complications with having children. I fear that moment every day. I'm not having one anytime soon but I have heard horrible stories and it saddens me to think that's what the future may hold. Anyhow. keep blogging!!



Mrs. Mordecai- It's true, medicine has come a long way. thank god that it has, and hopefully will continue to.

Erin- urg, to do lists are the worst now!!! They are my nemesis. I used to be able to get so much more done, and now, I just can't and it's so hard to give myself that break mentally. As for the other things, when I catch myself getting really worked up, I just remind myself that I'm not there yet, and that I can't predict the future. I'm glad you found the blog-it helps me to know who else is out there, too!

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