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October 01, 2008


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Love the comic strip, & I would think that it would resonate with anyone who has had a scary diagnosis. My breast cancer diagnosis was surreal--almost like an out-of-body experience. As my surgeon said, I had to "jump through a few hoops & be inconvenienced," but it ended well. Your situation is different since surgery & radiation can't "remove" RA. Thank goodness for meds that can slow down & even reverse the ill effects in some cases. You know what--it's a lot about how you face it. You seem to have taken control after having none for the first few months, & a positive outlook even in serious situations can make a world of difference. That & yoga!!!


The comic is great. RA does create many questions in your mind but once you decide your own path to take with this, it becomes easier. Cathy


Hi Cathy,
It's really true; once I started making some decisions for myself about how I wanted to handle things, a lot of stuff got so much easier. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Definitely. the moment of diagnosis is something anyone who has been though it can relate to, regardless of the disease. and yes, thank god for yoga!


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