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September 20, 2008


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Isn't chai a kind of tea? Does it have caffeine? I'm exploring my options.


I gave up drinking coffee for almost 8months after my naturopath put me on a hypoallergenic diet..not sure how much good it did my RA. Lately I've started drinking coffee again..just one cup a day though ..not the usual 4! :D


Interesting. Do you feel any different since you've started drinking coffee again? my neurologist said one cup a day was fine (though she was speaking more in terms of migraines, not RA.)

M-chai is a kind of tea. Black tea, i think, so yes, still has lots of caffeine, though i find that caffeine in tea affects me less that in coffee. weird.


Well because I'm still not drinking coffee too often (1 a day ..a few days a week) it hasn't been too bad though my stomach did take a while to adapt after an 8-month fast. I'm sure it would be better if I didn't drink it at all. While I love the taste and the quick pick-me up, I do tend to crash after a few hours and it probably is affecting my RA along with all the gluten I'm consuming...


ah, gluten. yeah, i'm not into giving that up yet. i haven't done all that much research on it, though I know that it is supposed to be a nasty thing for folks with RA.

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