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September 14, 2008


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Persevere! One day at a time & before long you'll see results!


OK, now you've gone and done it. I just HAD to come over here tonight and read this post, sigh. :) I have to get my butt into shape too. You've inspired me chick, I need to get out and walk. And I will, tomorrow..no seriously, hubby and I were talking about getting Wii fit. But I do want to get outdoors before we start getting our 8 months of rain here.
I'm really impresed with ya, keep up the good work!


Congratulations. That is quite a feat. I keep reminding myself how long it took to get my body to get to this RA state through an unhealthy lifestyle and now it is going to take time to improve it. Cathy


Hello, good luck with your exercising and oh so fun diet. Please post later on to let us know about how giving up refined sugar went. Supposedly, refined sugar is very evil to RA. I wonder if you will feel better. I have yet to give it up. I really, really like muffins!



Dear Michelle, Cathy and Courtney-
THANKS for the encouraging support. This part really does suck, doesn't it?
I will definitely keep updating about this, as I think it is something most of us battle.
To be fair, I have not forsaken all sugar- (ie. wine, fruit). just the actual sugary sugary stuff. no desserts (or muffins...) or pancakes, or, well, i could go on as I do love all those things. so far, to be honest, i don't 'feel' any better sans sugar, but I am hoping it will boost my metabolism to give it up.
I'll keep updating you all for sure, and also please let me know if any of you are trying anything, and how it is going!


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