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June 29, 2008


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Sounds like a perfect weekend and just what the doctor ordered!!


It was soooo much fun, because we were able to laugh those wonderful can't-catch-your-breath laughs that make you feel so good. Remember those British guys in the elevator, the remark I made, & the one Big Sister almost made? I'm laughing right now just thinking about it! Silver linings & all that.


Hey jennifer-it was!!!!! (if only i could do it again, right?)

mom-yes, it was such a fun trip and was the perfect thing to do. thanks again for the brilliant weekend!


Wow, that sure does sound exciting!! And spending that kind of quality time with family doesn't go astray either...good on you Sara. :) And I am VERY envious of your Kitchenaid BTW!
You take care


Hey Annella,
It was definitely the best possible thing to have that kind of time and so much fun, despite everything. And i do have to say, the kitchenaid rocks my baking world. Hope you are well!

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