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June 25, 2008


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Coupla things to keep in mind.

re: flu shots, you probably should NOT get one -- ask your doctor. The immuno-suppressed usually are not allowed to.

re: fish oil -- buy pills, not the liquid. Trust me. It smells. Like rotting fish. Mmmm...I LOVED kissing Jeff right after he took his!!!



Good post covering the various treatments out there. I would suggest asking your doctor about trying different NSAIDs that might be a little easier on your tummy, since reducing inflammation will help a LOT with pain. Also a big YES on fish oil, I think it has made a big difference for me, and it has other health benefits too. Look for 'odorless' or 'enteric coated' to avoid fishy burps. And check with your RD about the flu shot; mine insisted I get one this year, since the risk of actually having the flu while your immune system is suppressed may be greater than the risk of the flu shot itself.


Jennifer and Catherine-thanks for tips on which fish oils to buy-i definitely want to avoid fishy burps. that sounds putrid.

in terms of flu shots, i did discuss with my Rheumatologist, and they are highly recommended, basically required, for the immuno-supressed. Catherine-i'm curious where you heard the opposite?


Great info on various treatments for RA. I'm on Humira. I can have a flu shot even though I'm on other immune suppressant meds too. My pain levels have decreased greatly since starting Humira. When I'm sick and can't take it, I want to scream!


Hi Connie-
I know what you mean. The fatigue is also really difficult for me, and I would scream if I had the energy. I think Humira and Enbrel are very similar, but Humira is derived from Human dna, right? I'm glad it's working for you.


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