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June 22, 2008


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Yes, seriously, WHY does it take so long to get an appointment with a rheumatologist?? Are there really THAT many people with connective tissue/anti-immune disorders? Aren't they supposed to be classified as kind of a "rare" disease? If so, why does it seem to take a minimum of 3 weeks to get in?

I'm 27 and am mid-diagnosis (I have one "likely" from my general practitioner, several months of joint pain, a high-ANA test, and an appointment with a rheumatologist in Sept); I've had a similar experience of being fairly appalled at the lack of RA-related information that seems to pertain to me or my situation. Your blog is awesome, I'm starting at the beginning and can't wait to see what "happens".


I couldn't agree with you more, LT!! I was diagnosed about 3 months ago at age 21, and after a move to the other side of the country. I finally got enough of my RA/health/insurance information together, took it confidently to the rheumatology office only to be told, and I kid you not---"put in a pile, where they'll review your condition, and decide whether to take you on as a patient or not." And then I can get the next available appointment---two or three months in the future! No rush!
What kind of messed up world is this! I feel like I'm competing for America's most dysfunctional young adult! I don't want to win!

Tricia Dorman

God you're wonderful. I'm in the middle of the diagnosis, learning that I might have to be in bed for a while, while dealing with good friends and family that just don't have the foggiest clue why I don't go get some exercise, it would make me FEEL better! I wish I had the energy to punch the people I love right now. Ugh. Oh yeah I guess I'm having a flare. Thank God my mom is gonna take me to the ER today so I can get a little pain relief. (She understands because she just got diagnosed too, but I can't pound it into her head that she's damn lucky she's 30 yrs older than me!)

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