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June 15, 2008


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Jeff Shattuck

Migraines. Argh, hate them. You might try massage. It seems to work for me, especially when combined with a bit of valium, heroine, ecstasy and scotch. Who knew? But seriously, the massages have helped!


Whoa--lookie what I found!! You go, girl! This is an amazing chronicle that will undoubtedly reach lots of people who need it badly. My advice to anyone who faces adversity of any kind: stay in the moment; handle one day at a time. And SEIZE THE DAY!!! I love you!


Jeff- I might try that, esp. the valium and scotch! haha. I definitely don't have them as often as you do, but I do seem to be getting them more frenquently post-diagnosis. thanks for the tips.

Mom-thanks! I hope it will reach a lot of people.


Hi there girl you came around by a angels wing sweeping me to reality and acceptance of a world I now live in. I am accepting MCTD/UCTD diagnosis with a little laugh in there and less cry. Thank you for that,helping me see differently. I was scared and still am scared at times but look forward to your site. We have no support groups here.


Hi Lorna,
Glad that you found me! For me, figuring how to see some kind of humor, however small it may be, in all of this has really helped, and I hope it can help you a little, too. I'm sorry there are no support groups by you, but there are some really great online support communities, so welcome and come on in!


I realize I'm a little late to this, but as a 23 year old single girl diagnosed with RA a year ago, this site is a godsend! So obviously I had to read all of the older posts. Thanks for sharing your story so candidly Sara!


Meghan- So glad you found it and that it can help a little. It's really great hearing from people- especially on some of these earlier posts!
Take care-

 Cindy Martin

Hi, there:

Thanks for your email via FB. This entry (June 15, 2008) seems to be the first one available. Do you have the earlier entries somewhere else Would love to read through your early stages and diagnosis era. :)

I look forward to catching up to the current entry.



Hi Cindy,
If you go to the table of contents/index link above (or here: http://singlegalsguidetora.typepad.com/the_single_gals_guide_to_/table-of-contents.html), you can see all my posts from the early days by subject. The first category is 'On the beginning' or you can click on the 'Monthly Archive' at the top and start at the very beginning. Good luck, and I hope this helps. One thing i have learned by far is that there are tons of us out there, so we aren't alone!

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