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June 15, 2008


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Big Brother

You have a gift for writing and making light and the best of a hard time. The emotion flows through your words as you talk about your experience. Keep it up.


Hey BB-thanks! your encouragement means a lot-all the way from across the world, no less!


"I immediately googled every disease and ailment he had tested me for, and promptly scared myself into a doomsday version of all the horrible scenarios about to befall me. What if I had all of them? Or what if I had none of them, and it was really all in my head?"

I did the same thing! I'm positive that my problem isn't any of those things (leukemia, lupus and RA), but I won't know for sure until I see the next doctor and have more tests.

Your blog is fabulous, BTW.


Thanks! Seems like you are right in the thick of it. I really hope that it won't turn out to be Leukemia, Lupus or RA (or anything worse!). Waiting for the doctors and tests is so grueling-my thoughts are with you!

Joint Pain Relief

You certainly have the right attitude and you should be an inspiration to others.Hope everything goes well for you.


Thanks, JPR! I am doing much better now.


I have no idea how you were able to wait patiently for your diagnosis. I just had my bloodwork done today and am so distracted (and during Finals week of all times!). I wish it was just an overnight thing. I'm twenty and the ideas of any of these diseases (which I've been googling ALL day) is not appealing at all.


Hi Kayla,

It is agonizing...and the googling makes it worse!!! If you can make yourself stop, it might be for the best. I did a lot restorative yoga and meditation while I was in limbo to help me focus on what was right in front of me. It helped me through it, but you are right- it's nearly impossible not to be completely distracted and worried. Take care, try to get through your finals as best you can, and take it one day at a time...


Hi Sara,
So glad to see you blogging again!!
What a great post. Everyone has such a unique dx story (I don't mean the symptoms, but when you finally get the news), I appreciate you sharing yours.


I honestly never expected to HOPE that I would have Lyme's but wow, I really did. I was devastated when a psychotherapy client started telling me how he thought he might have RA, and suddenly it dawned on me, omg, I have RA. Shit!!!!! Even though it runs in my family; I guess I thought getting away from my family would me I was immune. Damn. I got the news through a letter. It sat on my table for weeks.


Big sigh! That is a rough way to hear the diagnosis but it's waaaaay better than hearing it in Greece on vacation ;-)

Your writing is terrific and I see the disease hasn't taken away your sense of humor. RA is no picnic. I'm sorry and hope you are managing it well.

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