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June 11, 2008


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Yes, but you're the cutest penguin out there.


i just read (ok, i skimmed) your blog. i'm 29, single, live in the bay area, CA & i have RA. i can relate and i thank you for writing this. it's awesome to finally find an internet posting about RA that's not "woe is me" and not for the geriatric. from one single penguin to another, thanks.


Hey Sarah,
thanks for leaving a comment! This is exactly why I started this blog, so I'm glad you found it. Hope you'll keep in touch-


amen! to all of the above!!



Morgan Wojtkowski

So I'm 21 and finding out if I have RA tomorrow. I'm about to graduate college and although I'm not single and still live at home... it was comforting to read your point of view, laugh a bit about it and know I'm not the only young woman out there that feels like she's about 90 yrs old most days! haha


Hey Morgan,
I'm always sorry to hear that someone else out there might be joining the RA club...though you might feel some relief at finding out what is going on with you. That was one of many feelings I had. Get a great medical team and figure out what works best for isn't over just because you have RA!
Hang in there and take care,


Hi Sara: You may have helped me out on what's going on with my joints... I started out with my hand like you did, then to my feet and now into other areas. I teach ice skating to figue and hockey skaters, but it's be hard with my feet and hands in pain everyone day for about 6mos. I will be checking back to your site later. Thank you for blog about this disease.


Not single, married. Can be the same sometimes. My challenge is I am a 51 year old housekeeper in a college dorms. Cleaning two floors built in the 1950s.Most Co workers dont care about my RA challenges. I think the most common thinking Of people is Oh I am sorry you have RA. But dont let it effect me. My husband dosent understand what I feel like, no one can. i will cleaning my work area and feel like I need to lay right there on the floor where I stopped. I have been thinking of ways to makes things easilier to do my job way before I new why i was doing these things. Picking up my grandson is a work out.


Hi Teresa,
I'm sorry to hear how much you are struggling. I distinctly remember that feeling of profound tiredness when I really didn't know if I could make it through a day- and I didn't have to do anything as physical as your job is demanding from you. I hope you have a good rheumatologist. You should make sure they know how much this affecting your job and your relationships, and if your current treatment isn't working for you (and it sounds like it isn't?) explore other possibilities.
Take care-

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