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December 06, 2010


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Mark B

Brilliantly written Sara.
Highlights the quandary of whether awareness should be raised or if privacy is more important. If you attempt to raise some awareness it may be ignored anyway and then your privacy is lost with no benefits. So difficult.
Strangely the intro reminded me of the Hazel O'Connor song.. Will You?


Thanks, Mark! I really appreciate that. And you are right- the balance between raising awareness and privacy is constantly in flux....I got back and forth, back and forth. I guess that they both have their pros and cons, eh?


Sometimes it's just easier if they don't know! I know what you mean by an inquiry feeling like an interrogation but it sounds like you're pulling it off. :) By the way, I love how you started this piece-I was reading and thinking where is she going with this....:)

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