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December 30, 2010


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LOVE IT!!! I love your approach with intentions vs resolutions. Just what I needed to start my year off right, THANKS!


Love your posts! They help me get through the rough patches, which fortunately, aren't too frequent :)


Your posts are great. They are so refreshingly authentic --- thanks so much. It is so hard to deal with this problem on a daily basis and I admire your strength.. Love the photo of Aswan, too. Did you travel there? I went to egypt when I was 19 and loved it soooooo much, especially Aswan. I promised myself that I'd go back, but with this crappy health I feel the trip would be a waste as I'd need too much sleep ad be too restricted in what I could do. Let's hope for the wonder drug so that the trip cOuld happen someday...! Best wishes for a healthy 2011.


I LOVE that idea! I do something similar, but I've never tried writing it down - maybe I'll try that this year.

I also don't like making concrete resolutions, but instead focus on the emotions, knowledge and attitudes I want to cultivate in myself in the New Year. I've also never really thought hard about what I'd like to get rid of from the old year, but I really like that idea, too.

I'm going to give it a try. Happy New Year!

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