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October 21, 2010


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Lisa Emrich

This looks rather interesting. Pharma companies who make MS drugs have been producing more physically-related materials for patients....yoga, exercise, etc.

I signed-up just now to see what the programs offers. However, the login tells me that my email or password are incorrect. A glitch in their system I guess.

When I was catching up on different pharma-related conferences which occurred this past spring, I saw a session presented by someone from UCB. They had gotten together with HomeDepot, went into patients' homes and changed doorknobs, light switches, etc. Sounded like a wonderful service!


Had a great friend call and tell me about it but I haven't seen it myself. Seems like worth checking out - after I move this weekend if I can still move :)


Yes, On Facebook, seems like a lot of people are running into that glitch when they try to register. I think it's a very positive that drug companies are beginning to come out with these types of products AND portray the illnesses they are intending to treat more authentically.


hi! i actually auditioned for this commercial! they were requiring us to come with doctors notes proving that we actually had RA, but they wanted women late 30s to 40s, so it is interesting to see what they ended up with! it sounds ok to me!


thanks for the info on the My RA Fit Kit... I will most likely make sure folks in my group know about it as I have on most of your postings most read your blog all the time...


Thanks for that info, not sure woud ever see an R.A advert here in England UK let alone targeted towards young people. Will check out the link, Jenpa xx


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I actually live around the corner from the Cooper Clinic and Aerobics Center. They have a stellar reputation, so I put a good amount of credence in anything to which they attach their name.


I just saw the ad, and was interested in checking it out, but I live in Canada and there are no other country selection boxes than the U.S. I think it's great that our market is being targeted, not only for persons with RA, but the population at large, to provide more information. I'm also glad I stumbled across your blog, I look forward to reading more. Thanks for posting!


I just recently saw the commercial after you had mentioned it. I like that it seems to say that we need to personalize our exercise. I am also wondering if the Cooper Institute is the one here in Dallas that has done so much in the area of heart information.

Roxeanne Thompson

Does anyone know if this type of program is available in Canada anywhere! It sounds very interesting and useful and I would love to have the opportunity to try it.


Unfortunately, there is a little sentence on the website I saw after posting this that says it's only available to folks in the US for now, and I think even the continental US as I know one person in Guam wasn't able to sign up. I'd recommend emailing them though and letting them know that there are a lot of you who would love to use it up north! Take care everyone-


I would like to see this information available to people in Canada too.

Vicky Marks

I saw the commercial and I have been looking for some low impact exercises to help my arthritis and being as I suffer from coronary heart disease and degenerative disc disease..I need something not so fast..So Im gonna give this a try and Ill let ya know how it goes well I have to talk it over with my cardio Doc. first so Ive printed out the exercises and ordered me a mini stepper...Wish me luck!!!


I am wary of signing up because of all the junk mail I will get from it. Is it worth it?

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