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October 20, 2010


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My fatigue has been a huge issue this summer.. all summer and still is. I am hoping it will subside some when I get going on the Metho... I don't count on anything anymore as I don't like disappointment. SO, I try and expect the worst but secretly hope for the best. Hugs. Tammy

Jeff Shattuck

I had a day like this yesterday. Tomorrow will be better, snooze and restore.


Sorry you're feeling "fogged" in. The "weather changes" seem to come and go with this RA stuff. Maybe tomorrow it will be "sunny".


Thanks everyone! Feeling better today- will still be an early night to bed and planning to sleep a lot this weekend, but pretty sure I can get through a normal day today. Now, if only the foggy gray outside would perk up!


i am feeling that way this morning. hoping it gets better and not worse, because i have WAY too much work to do today.


I'm glad you're feeling better and that you took some time to rest up - I certainly know what those days feel like. Isn't RA wonderful?


feel better!! love from New York...


Feeling much the same way today. The joints are bad as well. Unfortunately, I can't skip work or even leave early. Worked today, another 12 hour shift tomorrow. Praying I'll be a little less fatigued for tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon!


Feeling about 95% today and thankful I have a weekend where I can rest and be very low key. And take a bath!

Rebecca- that really sucks that you can't take any sick leave!!!!!!! Is that legal? I will be sending healthy thoughts your way- take care as best you can.


Sometimes, there's nothing for it but to hunker down and get through. Hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit?

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