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February 08, 2010


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well, i for one, hope you win. how exciting would that be? (very.)


Hey Jodi- yes, exciting (and slightly mortifying!). 


Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Actually, it looks like he is approaching your building in that picture!


Joshua Radin - Ah yes, every girl's dream. He is from NE Ohio and around my age, I wonder if I knew him? You could win, for all you know. The weather isn't pretty for people with RA. Stop feeling sorry for yourself about V-day and spend the evening with some girlfriends. Who needs men anyway?


Cold weather, hot guy....sounds like a good plan!!! I seriously hope you win if for no other reason so that I can read about it. :)


Oh, I know exactly how you feel! I'd have done the same thing... this is my third single Valentine's Day, too, and I've been on one bad date after another lately, all coming to a big fat zero.

Thanks for the laugh, and the knowledge I'm not the only one! :)


wait: who is Joshua Radin?


Amanda- thanks! It would be pretty awesome.


Cheers to us both, Helen!


Sadly, most of my girlfriends are in NYC, but thats ok- Im good enough company for myself, Valentines Day or not!


Ursula- Joshua Radin is a most dreamy, very talented singer/songwriter/musician.  I saw him play in NYC twice and hes even better live.  You should check him out- I think youd like his music. And did I mention that hes dreamy?


Hi Sara, thanks for your email in the new year after I wrote to you when first diagnosed. I am now established on Sulfasalazine and things are pretty damn good. Dont worry too much about the looking for, being loved and the whole love charade with RA, I think youre wonderful, and so am sure you will walk smack slam bang into love when you least expect it- just protect that knee in case you into it slam hard! And be extra mindful of carpet burns when you do!


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