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February 06, 2010


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Here's mud in your eye!


Good to hear you're doing so well :)


Thanks, Warmsocks.  Sometimes I feel a little wierd about feeling good, but it is a good thing!


Sara -
What a relief to know that the meds are working and doubly the relief that your pain is well under control. It really does make life a whole lot brighter. I hope the new med, when added, makes it all even better. Feeling "in control" of the pain really does make it easier to endure it when it does come -- you know it's transient and you know what to do about it. I'm glad you're doing so well. This is good news for all of us and offers so much hope. Bravo!


I know the feeling Sara...it feels ohh so amazing to finally be in lil less pain than usual!! I have had more than 6 years of experience with RA and the roller-coaster ride still continues. Sulfasalazine along with hydroxychloriquine has effective results....Please take special care about nutrition and exercises....and it may just work wonders!!
wish for ur wellness!


Thanks, Wren! I am always happy to hear about people feeling better, too, and I hope youre doing well.


Thanks, Shweta -You too!


i know the meds will work ok.wish u well


thanks, Valentine!

Michael Patterson

Sulfasalazine along with hydroxychloriquine is something I've not taken (either of the two). So it gives me a little hope (something thats been in short supply for me lately) to hear your doing well and I'll have to talk to my rheumatologist about something new. I just have been feeling like there is no med cocktail for me after 2.5 years of doing everything asked of me by the dr's, with little relief. Thanks Sara

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