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September 30, 2009


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This is just awesome. It's one thing to read that someone feels the same way you do about RA and how it creeps into everything you do, but to hear it....well that is just something else! Welcome to the area, I am in Virginia and hope that we can one day meet.


Actually I think all 4 of them are up now...


Is it still up? I'd like to see it but can't find it.

In regard to dating, if a guy shows interest in me these days, I'll usually connect with him via Facebook. I do have stuff on my page about having RA, so I figure the guy in question can find out that way and then decide for himself if he's still interested. So far I've been pleasantly surprised that it doesn't seem to have deterred interest.

I'm unsure if I would try online dating again (used to do that a lot) and if I would feel like I was "hiding" something if I didn't bring it up right away. It's a difficult thing since I'm in the beginning stage of this disease (just got diagnosed) and really have no idea how it is going to develop.

Remicade Dream

The videos look great! :-)

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