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August 09, 2009


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P.S. I am located in NYC, but will be traveling to Portland and Seattle from the 12th-19th if anyone in that area would like to be a part of my portrait project.


aww, man, my first comment didn't post.

it went something like this:

oh, sara, good luck with the move and have a great time on your trip!

and thank you so much for posting a link to my portrait project!! if anyone is interested in participating, please contact me at jodimckeephotography@gmail.com. also, i am trying to think of a good name for this project. any ideas???

p.s. the top photo was taken by my friend, gabi helfert. =)


Fabulous idea, Jodi...& your first portrait is indeed a winner!! Sara--here comes a whole new chapter in your life!!!

RA Guy

Have a safe move and have a safe trip! I know that we will all be waiting to hear about your wonderful adventures and about your new life and job in Baltimore!!! We'll try to hold down the RA-fort until your return :)


Safe travels. See you soon!


Jodi- thanks for correcting the photo credit (obviously if you were in it, you didn't take it, duh). I love all the photos you have taken so far of the Sick Chick Club and am so happy to have discovered your other photographs as well! I can't wait to see how your project continues, and can't wait to catch up with you about it in person!

M- thanks, as always!!!! Can't wait to see you soon.

Ra Guy- I have NO doubt that you will hold down the RA fort just fine while I'm on hiatus! In fact, you'll probably create some whole other interface to benefit us all while I'm away! We are so lucky to have you out here with us. I'll definitely let you know how everything goes- and will try to take some good pics to document it all, too.
Jeff- can't wait to see you and C! thanks for the good wishes.


Sara, the Buckle Me Up! page isn't totally clear. Is the Sick Chick Club just for RA-ladies or other disease-y gals, too?


I wish you safe travel ! Good luck


WOW. Could this be for me? I have chronic osteo-arthritis and have landed a few jobs and then....fired. As soon as they see the back brace they think I'll try some game like sueing them for my condition. I also have ADD and don't have a college degree. I love fashion and shoes and wear these things to compensate for my malaise. Is this really a club for women/girls living with various types of physical ailments? All I want is a job to make me more confident on stage doing my great love--stand up comedy. They have a stool on stage--always! I need a day job. If you guys are for real, I'd love to join and find out what others have done to get what they want.

Keith - Arthritis

I packed my last job in a few years back when I realised they had only employed me to keep up their government disabled quota!

Worked out for the best in the end as I now run my own websites from the comfort of my own home.


Shiri- absolutely it is for any type of autoimmune/serious disease or condition. The disease may be different, but many of the issues are not. At the moment, all the NYC members do have RA, but it would be great to expand, so to speak...

ARH: Thanks so much!

Teri- absolutely. Osteoarthritis is different from rheumatoid arthritis, but it sounds like many of the issues you are facing as a result are very similar to what those of us with autoimmune forms of arthritis go through. hang in there!

Keith- love hearing how things have turned around for the best! Good for you!

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