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August 10, 2009


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Hmmmm, appearing all over the news and the web while traveling the world? That is so A-list of you! :)


Thanks for making me laugh! yeah, life with RA is so glamorous (choke, choke).
feel better-s

Lisa Emrich

Wow, interviews, travel, documentaries, news...you are one busy chick.

Tiffany Westrich

You are indeed RA "Superwoman"! :) I'm so happy to be in this awareness craze with you!


Wow, that's awesome Sara. You sound so busy lately, but it all sounds really good. Where can we tune in and see the Web MD documentary?! And also the interview for Buckle Me Up? I'd love to see them both! It's such great support for us all - you go girl :)


seriously - SO a-list. ;)


Way to go.


You all are so funny! I've just posted the link to the Web MD segment, so you all can check it out!

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