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July 08, 2009


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I loved this. You gave me a good laugh this morning! I so needed it too. I would like to see a bunch of big hunky guys giving a pretty girl a shot of medication. I'd like to see if they can handle it. :]


Very well written Sara, as usual! It was a good laugh for me too this morning. I'm sure a hunk of a man giving a sick chick a needle, followed by a pound of pills and a nice glass of water could be romantic in some way, no?! :)


Too bad I don't have a pile of "bachelors" lining up to see who can take the best care of me! Today I'd love somebody to plant me on the couch and do ALL of the errands, housework and cooking.

On a more serious note, I do think there's an unspoken assumption that people with chronic illness are somehow absent from these kinds of "normal" life experiences, or are too sick to care. When people with chronic illness ARE depicted in movies and television, they're often shown as being totally consumed with their illnesses and caring little for other aspects of their lives.

But who knows... maybe the producers of The Bachelorette will read your article and take it to heart!


Michelle-always glad to make someone laugh. That would be great to see, huh?

Thanks, Claire! I suppose it could be romantic...if champagne were involved maybe?

Helen-No kidding-and that is so annoying. It would be extraordinary if the producers did actually do something like this (though I am not volunteering by any means to be the one on it!)

arthritis glove

great article! I really find it interesting how you addressed that arthritis isn't represented enough in pop culture


That would be interesting to see. I'd be afraid that they'd mock it though- like the one with the hot girl and the "nerds" or something along those lines. It seems like if they show anything that deviates from normal, they try to sensationalize it.


I just wanted to say that I find your blog very well-written and informative. I've had migratory joint pain for the past few months that eventually became too severe to ignore. I just received a high reading on a rheumatoid factor test- 109- and I feel like the writing is on the wall. I'm 39, single, and just moved to Los Angeles a few years ago to start a new life. Just as my social life was taking off and I was poised to go for the big, well-paying jobs, I've been struck with this (whatever it is). I feel scared, lonely, and weepy, but your blog has helped a lot.


Arthritis Glove- thanks! I wish it were represented, and accurately represented, much more than it is!

Amanda-I know. That is what I figure would happen to. It would be all overdramatized and miss the point completely.

Liz-thank you and I'm glad you found me! I'm sorry that you have recently joined the RA ranks, though. I know a few single, awesome women in their 30's and 40's in Santa Monica that you should try to connect with. Go here to www.bucklemeupmovement.com if you are interested in meeting up with them...

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