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June 21, 2009


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I'll 'swannee,' isn't there always something to gnaw at you? My own experience with this was very surreal--just entering the radiation/oncology center is enough to scare the sox off you. Going daily for 8 weeks turned into the opportunity for a nice visit with an old friend whose time was just after mine each day. Her situation was much more serious than mine (she's fine now, btw), and we were able to catch up on years of not seeing each other at dance recitals, etc.----plus the radiation techs & I became great buddies for that 8 weeks. Actually, they were life savers!


I'm sure everything will be fine. All those drugs we're all on spook me too sometimes- I blame every little abnormality on them. Keep us posted!


Sending you good thoughts. I know since we take all of these RA drugs it keeps us on our toes. Keep us posted.


Even though you gave the spoiler alert, I was so caught up in your descriptions, I was relieved to reach the part when the doc didn't see anything either. Yes RA, heart murmur and migraines is not only enough but too much.
Thanks for continuing to share and doing it with such style!


Sara Sara Sara - you poor little thing! Like you said, as if the RA isn't enough to contend with! I am happy to know that they didn't see anything scary or worrysome right away, and really, as annoying as it may be, I'm glad you're going for a mammogram to make sure it's nothing serious. Hang in there and be strong - I'll say prayers! Keep us all updated :)

Leigh Peltier

Sara, I swear we must be going thru some kinda of supreme being test or whatever. I've had RA for 11+ years and have had some very strange health things happen since diagnosis. I had an episode of optic neuritis where i lost half the vision in one eye for a time. This is also a first symptom of MS so it was also a health scare that made RA seem insignificant. It's been 8 years and no MS yet, but there have been other strange health things that tell me I'm being tested and what did I do in a past life (or this one) that was so bad? At any rate, I've learned that it's best to just have the tests, see the experts, be thine own best advocate, read all I can and mostly enjoy my life because you never know - you could be hit by a bus tomorrow.

Sorry about your latest health scare - I am sure that it's just another bump in the road and you'll be wiser for the experience and learn to take them all in stride.



M-you definitely get a courage badge for going through your radiation courses. I'm so glad that is so long ago now!

Amanda and Becky-Thanks! I know, if it weren't for the freaky drugs, I don't know that I would be doing anything about it. But guess it is good that I am...

Liz-thanks as always for making me smile with your comments!

Claire-I will definitely keep everyone posted. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts.

Leigh-wow, you said it!

sur tom

I am 26 and was diagnosed with RA a few months ago too.
I too have a non-cancerous lump in my breast. I wonder if they are related considering you too have one.


Sara...OMG! I went through the SAME EXACT thing in September around the time I was referred to the rheumatologist. I had a normal mamo and abornaml ultrasound done where they found "a mass." I went back a week later to have a biopsy and I was scared shitless. At that point potentially have RA didn't seem that bad when faced with cancer. The biopsy came back clear and just chalked up as a cyst. I have to get another biopsy in March. So glad you're OK!

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