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June 11, 2009


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How funny! This is the best thing I've seen all week.


This is great Sara... I find it hilarious (you gotta make light of RA sometimes, right?) how you and I have so much in common. It's like I'm reading my own life story half the time! Too bad this guy turned out to be a total dud - figures eh, after you went to all that effort. Ugh!

I read some of your older blog posts last night and had a good chuckle at the funny parts, and got sad for you at the sappy parts. I need to find the one about when you boyproofed your apartment - I'm sure I'll be on the floor laughing. You're an awesome writer!


RAandMe- glad to make you laugh!

Claire-thank you so much! I do really enjoy writing. The boyproofing one was fun to write, so I hope it's fun to read, too. Not that I've had much need for it, *sigh*

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