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June 06, 2009


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One by one----yay for this victory!


Congrats!!it's great to be able to remove one thing off the ever growing list of issues. So vindicating!


Congratulations! Each good report is a small victory.


Wow...congrats. You can hear your excitement in your post.


I'm glad to hear you have a healthy heart Sara - that must be a huge relief for you! I have to admit that until this post, I didn't realize you have red hair... so that means we not only have RA in common, but we're both redheads! Coolest hair colour EVER!!! :)


M-you bet!


Becky-yes, and feeling victorious feels goooood.

Angie-I'm glad about that. I do truly feel excited to strike that one off the list.

Claire- yay! I love having red hair. It's absolutely the best!


I had a similar appointment this week with my Rheumatologist. Everyeone in the waiting room was also decades older than me (i'm guessing about 4 decades on average!!) - and to make it even more atmospheric, the woman behind me was making the most disturbing sounds when she was coughing... It wasn't a pleasant afternoon. Thanks for helping me see the lighter side of it somehow! :)


I just found your blog, and I love it!

I'm 25 and have RA and a heart condition, so I can absolutely relate to being the youngest person in the room by about a million years. When I DO see someone close to my age in the waiting room, I have to fight the urge to stare and/or try to inconspicuously scooch over closer to them. I'm just so happy to see them!


=] i went to see my rheumy last week... and was the youngest patient in the waiting room. its an odd feeling and a little disheartening sometimes. i always take a book to distract myself from thinking "how bad of shape am i going to be in when i'm THAT person's age?" thing. and go redheads!! i too have reddish hair lol


Hey Ambra! This is turning into a "Redheads guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis" hahaha.. nice to see another redhead! Is your hair colour natural?

I agree with you both - Ambra and Helen - walking into the rheumy's office and being surrounded by older people is very discouraging for us younger people.

We may not all be in the waiting room together, but we've sure got each others backs through this blog :)

Take care ladies.


Kim-I know, it's such a drag being the youngest and feeling so out of place.

Helen-haha, I love that image of you slowly inching your way over.So glad you found me (and all of us here), too!

Ambra-I have those thoughts, too. Kind of hard not to... Yay for red heads!


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