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April 01, 2009


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Super idea! Unite & conquer, Sick Chicks (& Dudes) everywhere!


I love this idea - it's like a book club without the book. I keep searching the Baltimore craigslist for something like this, and I actually emailed the Arthritis Foundation DC branch, but no luck. I guess I should take the initiative and start a group myself...


Love Sick Chicks! It was a great first meeting, but hoping to have more for Round #2. After the gathering, I decided to tweet about my experiences with RA. I've wanted to use twitter for a while, but wanted to have a purpose for a while. Follow me at RAchickie.



Dear Sara:
I have been receiving your emails over this past winter and have been wanting to post for awhile. I mainly want to say that your topics always seem right on target and express exactly what I so often feel dealing with RA. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there to share with others.

Last month I did almost write to suggest putting together a in-person RA support group. I am so glad to see that this is happening! I am sorry I didn’t read the post soon enough to attend last week at the W Hotel. (Admittedly, Chronic-Fatigue sometimes gets the better of me).

Not only do I see a need for a RA Support Group – I especially like your approach of it being focused on activism and FUN! That is so important. We don’t need to drag each other down, but rather shore each other up and enjoy some of what NYC has to offer.

With that said, I would like to suggest The Frying Pan @ Pier 66 (26th Street) on the Hudson. The Pier has been beautifully renovated and you can’t beat the views, sitting out there amongst the river breezes. They have a Tiki bar and serve a mighty-good burger. But, you don’t have to have food. It is all self-serve, and we could even share some eats. As the weather warms, it is likely to get crowded, so I suggest as soon after work as possible. What do you think?


Sara, wow, I wish I lived in NYC so I could be a part of your 'club'!!! What a great idea. Definitely makes those rough, flare-up days easier when you know there are others going through the same thing. And I think doing fun things together makes it better than just a plan old group meeting. Good job!! :) (PS - If I'm ever in NYC on vacation can I join in on a meeting? hahaha)


M-thanks! That's the hope.

Shashi- you should! Let me know if you do...

Katherine-I love that you got inspired to start your own twitter feed! Go you.

Dianna- Yes, absolutely, please do join us! I've never been to the frying pan, but I think I've heard of it, and this weather will be perfect for it. Once we land on a date, I'll be in touch...and can't wait to meet you at the next Sick Chick event.

Claire- maybe plan a vaca around it?

Miss Waxie aka A Comic Life Indeed

Oh dear...I tried to respond to this already but I guess it didn't go through...

I love this idea, Sara! I'll be in the city in the end of June, think you'll be having one of your sick chick parties then? If not save a seat for me when for when I move back in an estimated six months :)

- Miss Waxie


i thought i had commented on this, but i guess i only commented on the facebook side.

it was so great to me you & kat! it felt so good to talk to people who get it. can hardly wait for our next gathering!!


Miss Waxie...indeed, we are! The last weekend is what we are looking at. I'll let you know when we get it cemented. It would be so great to meet you in person....and even better that you are moving back here! Big step forward.


Tin Lizzie

Anybody in the Charlotte, NC area?

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