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March 13, 2009


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Almost all of the commercials out there for the biologicals make me want to cry. Take these drugs and they will make you ALL better.

If I could move like some of the people in those commercials after I took my Enbrel I would be thrilled...instead, I'm using my fancy pink cane....yeah!


Whenever I see this commercial, I say outloud, "WHAT THE HELL, how could anyone not know!" EVERYTIME...I see it, I saw that!!! ha ha! Enbrel, sadly, didn't work for me even after using it for over 5 months.

Steph P.

That Enbrel commercial drives me batty! I yell at the TV so much that my husband now watches for it so he can quickly ffwrd the PVR (the Canadian version of the TiVO. How can the makers of an RA drug make a commercial that is so insulting to RA sufferers? GAH!


Melissa- I love that your cane is pink. You rock. And yes, it definitely paints a pretty rosy picture of life with RA.

Britta-well, bummer that it didn't work for you, and yes, it's completely unbelievable and maddening.

Steph- that's hilarious and very sweet of your husband! I don't really understand what led to that commercial either, but I hear that they are going to be changing it soon...let's hope the next one is more realistic and, um, informed.


All of the biologic commercials drive me nuts in general so I gave up watching them a long time ago. Yes they are better than NSAIDs, DMARDs and all the other meds that never worked for me but they make it sound like there's no possible way they can fail, which for me hurts even more when they too don't work. But that Enbrel commercial is so ridiculous that it even pisses off my friends who barely know anything about RA!

Thank you for writing about this, it's always great to hear that others have the same visceral reaction to some of the stupid RA commercials!


Hi Jess-
thanks for your comment! I know, it's so aggravating. I'm luck in the enbrel is working for me, but that commercial, and also the one for humira that I saw, made me want to scream anyway. ARG!

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