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March 29, 2009


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Thanks for the plug, Sara! :)

How about a submission now, eh?


That was great Sara! Thanks for another great laugh.

I've never actually locked myself out of my house, but I have locked myself out of my car, twice. Once while it was running.


OMG funny and scary at the same time! I think this may keep me from ever trying online dating. Good luck out there.


Jami-I'll see what I can find....

S. Yikes-while the car was running?

Liz- yeah, can't say i have a whole lot of hope, but we'll see.


He He He! Well, I found my hubby online (or he found me). We have been together 4 yrs. I have RA and 3 kids under 2yrs old. Its a struggle, but its all worth it! Good luck, girl. Best wishes, Rachael


well, that gives me some hope, for many reasons!

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