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December 17, 2008


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That is one amazing bit of writing!! I emailed it to several of my friends.


Over the summer my sister and her boys visited. I had grand plans of preparing healthy food for every meal and taking long walks with her. Instead, I spent the first two days crying off and on because I could barely walk or pick up my tea cup. She made me feel better by saying she enjoyed the relaxation. I think sometimes we hold onto the person we see ourselves as in order to let the RA know we aren't giving up without a fight.


Hey Cathy,

Your last sentence nailed it! I think it's really important to keep fighting, too, while also remembering to take care of ourselves and not give ourselves a hard time when things have to change.


Hee hee!! How about moving to another state the week before Christmas (and unpacking and unpacking ad naseaum) with RA?

Sorry I haven't been visiting very often; hopefully my life will return to something resembling normal soon.

By the way, my mom used to use the old mix it yourself Enbrel and says it NEVER hurt, unlike the pre-mixed which ALWAYS hurts. Although I wouldn't want to have to mix it myself everytime. . .

Merry Christmas!!


Hey Jennifer! My sympathies are totally with you.
I'm really torn about the shots-not sure if I'm willing to have it take that much time twice a week mixing them up, but it is so nice having it not hurt. The kits are easier to travel, with, too. we'll see. Hope your apt. is reaching a state of unpackedness, and that your washer/dryer arrived!

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