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November 13, 2008


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Stupidity & incompetence are everywhere! Remember that time I "LOST IT" at the pharmacy when we needed the prescription for you in college & they were questioning it for 2 days? It's all about insurance companies. They rule the world & will spend eternity rotting in hell if there is any justice at all! There, I feel better.


My prescription insurance has the mail order option which depends on the drug whether it is cheaper or not. I always prefer to go to the pharmacist, but your experience would make the mail order much preferable. Hang in there! :)



Liz-thanks for the empathy! I've thought about mail order, but i don't have a doorman and I'm always scared i won't be able to get home before it gets too warm. grrr. nothing about RA can be easy, apparently.

Millicent-i DO remember. blah.


I hear you on that end. How about being told by a nurse to take ibuprofin with mexotrate for a headache. By the way, this is highly toxic to the liver and can have adverse reaction. All this cuz i need to have oxycondone for pain,plaquinel,celebrex,omezaprole,cymbalta,sleep meds and blood pressure meds. Do you think i can trust the pharmacy or the nurses or the doctors. I wonder sometimes. Be your own advocate and learn about disease and medications. It is your life your talking about. Great art work....


NO kidding. I wish that is the one thing that was handed out to everyone with their diagnosis: be your own advocate-you are in charge!!!
oh, and thanks! The art work (at least the comic strips) are by Jane Samborski!

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