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October 28, 2008


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See you there!!


Have fun!


Hey Jennifer!
Good to hear from you. The Bachelorette party was lots of fun (and classy) last night. Being in San Fran is such a nice break. How are you? Glad you are posting again!


Hi, I have just started reading your blog, and I love it. I am especially pleased that you're not letting RA get in the way of wearing "kick ass heels".

As a 25y/o sufferer of USpA, allow me to contribute my own take on heels. I commonly get some nasty heel pain (amongst other fun things of course) and I find that wearing stilettos relieves the pressure on my heels and redistributes to my toes. So, I now wear them for "medical reasons." Looking on the bright side has never been so awesome.

Congratulations to your sister!


Hey Michelle,
I LOVE it- medical stilettos. That is awesome. Sadly, not sure heels have quite the same effect on me, but I might use that anyway as justification.
Thanks for writing and letting me know you are out there!

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